The hard working, unrelenting, always creating, veteran Rockers Sarasin have completed another hard hitting, energetic and melodic masterpiece.

Produced and mixed by Juno Award winning producer Julius “Juice” Butty, the new creation is ready for promotion and distribution.  Also of special interest, this recording features a guest appearance from world renowned keyboardist Jim Gilmour  from the legendary Canadian prog-rock band SAGA.

The band is looking for a label to enter into a relationship with that will offer exposure of the bands world class efforts to metal fans around the world.  There are 2 songs included in this EPK with 6 other completed tracks ready for your review.  No one has heard these new songs and we are looking to build a relationship that is mutually rewarding based on a sincere appreciation of hard work, our unique songwriting ability and world class talent.

Sarasin recently played to a near sold out capacity at Bridgeworks Concert venue in Hamilton, and are in the process of booking a European tour for the Spring of 2023 with dates in Germany, Bulgaria and Italy. Sarasin delivers a live performance that does not disappoint and delivers with a professional confidence only seasoned veterans can achieve….. LIVE and LOUD!

Along with this unheard newly completed recording, the bands previous record “Raise the Pain” although released on Itunes was never officially released and simply became another “covid victim”  The Strong release and the first produced with Juice Butty, is a hard hitting album that has set the table for this new record… a very natural progression….. That being said, “Raise the Pain” is also available for distribution and is readily available for your catalog.

Once you review our full EPK and listen to the two audio samples, for further interest please contact Roger Banks 905-308-0909 (rogerbanks@rogerbanks.com) or Greg Boileau 905-928-6298 (gregboileau58@gmail.com)

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing future opportunities.

Best regards,

Roger, Greg, Les and Fabian….  AKA…  SARASIN

Sarasin is…

Greg Boileau – Guitar
(aka Uncle Greggy)

Roger Banks – Drums & Percussion

Les Wheeler – Bass
(aka Quest)

Fabian Bortolotto – Vocals




Undoubtedly THE most mind-blowing release that I’ve heard in ages! Sarasin has delivered a massive injection of pure in your face / melodic metal that will please the hardest of well-seasoned Head-Bangers while turning on and attracting new Supporters to their ever-increasing legion. Outstanding production by Julius Butty, combined with powerful tracks such as “Kill the Fool,” “Raging Storm” and “The War,” Sarasin has truly raised the bar with “Raise the Pain” to a level where other Artists may find it difficult to surpass.

~ Mark St. John, BallBusterMusic

Crunchy Oldshool Heavy Metal with a lot of flavor plus an individual style note, which hasn’t lost any of its class and fascination even 30 years after the foundation stone was laid!

~ Michael Toscher, FFM-Rock.de

It crawled under my skin and there is nothing that could really compare to it. I actually prefer a more organic production, the modern ones make the music lose its soul and that’s one thing present on SARASIN’s album.

So, for sure, all fans of Heavy Metal should check this one out. This record will definitely end up at the top of this year’s list of favorite albums and I can’t really see how anyone should not like it.

~ Erika Wallberg, Metal Kaoz


Roger Banks 905-308-0909 (rogerbanks@rogerbanks.com)

Greg Boileau 905-928-6298 (gregboileau58@gmail.com)